Pink Zone Donors

With a grateful heart, I extend thanks for your gifts to Pink Zone during this past year. We would not be Pink Zone without your generosity and without each one of you, Pink Zone could not aspire to be stronger and fulfill our promise to provide funds for research, education and empowering survivors.

Pink Zone was born out of a $5000 grant opportunity in 2006 offered to member institutions of the Big Ten Conference.  With $5000 in hand, the Penn State Lady Lion Basketball team invested the funds in a most meaningful way that touched the lives of breast cancer survivors. In February 2007, approximately 30 breast cancer survivors were honored during Lady Lion Basketball game with a special halftime ceremony.  At that game, more than $20,000 was raised to support breast cancer research and with your continuing support more than $311,000 was gifted to Pink Zone in 2018/2019!

Until I can thank you personally, please accept this written note of gratitude for your generosity!

Kind regards,

N. Susan Woodring
Executive Director

2018-2019 Donors

Wanda Adams
Raymond and Rose Agostinelli
Carolyn A Andersen
Anne Ard & Tom Poole
Pam & Dave Asencio
Jill Augustson
Gertrude and Blaine Auman
Melissa Aungst
Maria Baker
Mimi Barash Coppersmith
David S. Schwartz and Nan Barash
Tom Bauer and Jean McGrath
Joan Bayline
Lee Beard
Marie Bednar
Mark Bigatel
Bill & Janet Haner
Norma Bishop
Blair Surgical Associates
Edward Book
Joseph Bound
Tina Bowersox
Claudia Brown
Richard Bundy
Pam Byron
John and Mary Anne Cahir
Bob & Lisa Campbell
Carol Barash & Jed Kwartler
Lorraine Catalano
Centre Foundation
Sabrina Chapman
Blair Companies
Continental Real Estate Management
Sam Coppersmith
Earl and Gladys Corl
Lynn Corl
Neal and Margaret Corl
Cynthia D Cowan
Marlina Cowan
Diane M Crowe
Sherry Ann Davidson
Marianne DeFrancesco
Joel and Rachael Diamond
Corey and Emily Dillon
Gary and Margene Dillon
Judy and Jon Dranov
Nancy Dreibelbis
Elizabeth Dutton
Nancy Eaton
Barb Evans
Kathryn M. Fiery
First National Bank
Steven Fishbaine
Teresa Flasher
Ellen Foster
The Poole Foundation
Estelle Frankl
Linda and Blake Gall
David Gingher
Elaine & Bill Given
Elizabeth Goreham
Irma Grimm
Marie Hardin
Jim and Theresa Harpster
Selma Harris
Carol Herrmann
Robert Herrold
Erika Hirano
Mary Hirst
The Hite Company
Ronald & Carol Hodes
Arnold and Bette Hoffman
Fay Holt
Jackie & John Hook
Hoss’s Restaurant Operations Inc
Derek Houtz
The HR Office
Dan and Vanessa Hummel
John and Gina Ikenberry
Stanley and Judy Ikenberry
James Nolte & Jodi Miller
Jenn and Rick James
Jan & Cathe Snedeker
Jersey Mike’s Subs
O.J. Johnston & Monica Wright
David and Carolyn Joyner
Rich and Sally Kalin
Gail Kamon
Henrietta Katzen
Janice Keay
Margaret Kelly
Diane Kerly
Joy & Richard Killian
Jeanne Kitko
Barbara Korner
Jeffrey & Patricia Krauss
Akhil Kumar
Christopher and Shawnee Kunes
Grace & Thomas Kurtz
Linda C. Kutz
Judith Lang
Lawrence Lokman & Rhonda Seaton
Tammy Leathers
David and Joyce Lee
Trudy & Sam Levine
Bob and Vivian Levy
Benson & Christine Lichtig
Larry Lingle
Herbert and Trudy Lipowsky
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC
Louisa Lobre-Riley
Douglas and Cristin Long
Mary Lovette
Magnet Apparel LLC
Richard Makin
Susan Anne Mattucci
Wilma McConnon
Donna Louise Meyer
Kris Meyer
Mike’s Video TV and Appliances
Rick and Margie Milgrub
Beverly Ann Miller
Margery Miller
Sean Matthew Miller
Millipore Sigma
Cindy Lea Mills
Betty & John Moore
Jane Morgan
Veronica Morgan
Mount Nittany Health Foundation
Lynn and Evan Myers
Kim and Allen Neely
Aaron William Neideigh
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Nelson
William and Lilly Nichol
Charlie Noffsinger
Sharon O’Brien
Harold & Nancy O’Connor
Wendy Oakes
Barbara Ott
Barbara Palmer
Charles Palmer
Melanie Patterson
Nancy Chiswick & Art Patterson
Thomas John Penkala
Penn Highlands Huntingdon
Penn State Alumni Association
Penn State Volleyball, The Side-Out Foundation
Miriam and Jim Powell
Rapid Transit Sportswear
Beth Richards Kalenak
Ellen Rimmey
Barry K. Robinson
Stephany Robinson
Sandra K Rogers
Annette and Chuck Rohrbeck
Russ and Lori Rose
Cynthia L Ross
Mari Royer
Ina Sable
Henry Sahakian
Schermer Consulting, LLC
Joan Schleiden
Penn State Hershey
Janice Shapiro
Michael and Patricia Shawley
Dawn M. Sheaffer
Carlyn Shumway, 7770446
Neveline and John Sirgery
Tom and Carolyn Smith
St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy
Marty Starling
Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery
Greg and Rebecca Stegall
Barry and Ellen Stein
Steve Garban & Mary Ann Lucas
Ralph Stewart
Lee Stout
Ruth Stromberg
Struthers Family
Kelly Stultz
Gerald and Elizabeth Susman
Judith and John Swisher
Dolores Taricani
Texas Roadhouse
The Barash Group
Timberland Federal Credit Union
Sanford and Beth Ungar
Barbara Vinson
Kathleen Wawrynovic
Diana Weaver
Susan Welch
Robert Wiedemer
Pat Williams
Heather Winfield
Lloyd Wolf
Carole Womer
Woodland Campground
N Susan Woodring
Saul Zabell
Norma Zaccagni
David & Jane Zazworsky
Zeke and Dotti Zembower
Zeta Tau Alpha/Gamma Epsilon
Jon and Candice Zimmerman


Thanks to our past donors!